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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Clicker X6 Titanium Fidget

Clicker X6 Titanium Fidget

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Name: Titanium Clicker X6

Number of Buttons : 6 SMALL Buttons

Magnets: 24x N42 Neodymium Magnets (Installed)

Size: 25mm x 74mm

Weight: 70 grams

Metal: Titanium 

Finish: Glass Blasted 

 Please note that the products come in one color and six buttons of the same color.

CLICKER X6 - a magnetic CNC-machined anti-stress fidget toy to top up your collection with! 

This new magnetic clicker made of titanium, being very precisely and carefully cut to ensure product's high quality and a great look, is customisable which makes it a versatile fidget desk companion.

CNC machining titanium - or basically any metal - helps achieve precision and neat forms and angles.

Glass blasting further polishes the material - it becomes smooth and 'rounded' for a touch.

Each product is then being anodised in different colors.



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