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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Fidget Flip

Fidget Flip

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Fidget flip is a simple, yet a very fun anti-stress toy - it is bright, interesting and attention-grabbing:
-Calming effect - remember that meditation app on your phone - what can Fidget Flip sound like to you? Soft summer rain or trees rustling before thunderstorm? Your very own portable waterfall?
-Mesmerizing effect;
-Nostalgic design;
-Fun gift idea;
-May aid concentration.

We wanted to create a designer product of avant-garde futuristic style that would be reminding us of our favourite childhood movies and cartoons - acidic colors, peculiar forms and a bold combination of materials - then adding a cherry on top - some swisher or rustle to it.
It also reminds us of toys that were so loved by our generation many years ago.

Fidget Flip has a minimalistic - simple yet quite intricate design - beside creating a particularly calming sound, it could give out a funny effect - attention-grabbing, with see-through acrylic surface that is visually very much alike glass.

Fidget Flip is available in both classic and bright, bold colors - it comes in 6 versions/ colors - Black;White; Green; Yellow; Red; Blue.

Inside of the Fidget Flip, there are exactly 750 small metal spheres that create a soft and calming sound when the toy is flipped.
All details are laser-cut and therefore are looking very careful, of a decent quality, with soft edges.

Much love and carefulness were coordinated in the process of creation of the fidget flip and we are loving the fact that we are now able to share it not only with our friends and close ones but also with the world - with you.
Behold our Fidget Flip with see through surface and the metal spheres inside!
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