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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Gravitube Magnet 🧲 Levitating Desk Toy

Gravitube Magnet 🧲 Levitating Desk Toy

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Stylish Anti-Stress Gadget with Neodymium Floating Magnet 🧲 

Have you ever wanted to adorn your desk, or has it ever felt empty?
Like something was missing, or do you constantly have the urge to pick something up to play with in order to better concentrate?
Well, we are just like you: we sometimes lack concentration, desire, let alone motivation to work.
This is why we dedicate so much of our time and talent to the creation of interesting desk top gadgets!
Check it out:)
As a team with experience of creating anti-stress gadgets, we love to have something to fidget with at our desks!
Let us present you GRAVITUBE - we love it for its anodized finishing touch, for its peculiar and innovative forms and, certainly, for its usage's calming effect that helps us concentrate while working. The calming effect obviously comes with fidgeting the GRAVITUBE, but also because of its magnet - while the magnet is in movement, the magnetic field changes therefore producing a mechanical force that will be resisting and slowing down the magnet itself.
As we already said, GRAVITUBE contains a magnet that flows through it at its own pace. Its flow can be observed through the precise 10cm cutout.
Flip it, twist it, sit back and relax!
GRAVITUBE is available in 3 colors: Navy Blue; Space Grey and Black.


GRAVITUBE is made of anodized aluminium: the material that is so loved by our team for its properties - smooth surface, high quality, eco-friendly.

CNC Machined Parts:

- Main Body of GRAVITUBE is made of Aircraft Aluminium; 

- Wooden Plugs: sealing both ends of GRAVITUBE.

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