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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Slider 3.0 Color Edition

Slider 3.0 Color Edition

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Button Shape

Name: SLIDER 3.0 Color Edition 

Magnets: 4x N42 Neodymium Magnets (Installed)

Size: 43mm x 20mm

Weight: 45 grams

Metal: Titanium 

Finishes: Glass Blasted

Color: Stone Grey, Deep Purple, Cobalt Blue 

Back: Flat 

Discover the next level of fidgeting with our Titanium Fidget Toy.

Crafted from top-quality titanium and enhanced with a mesmerizing glass blasted finish, this tactile wonder is designed to keep your fingers engaged and your mind focused.

Featuring a variety of buttons in unique shapes, this fidget toy caters to different sensory preferences, offering a dynamic experience with every touch.

The anodized coating not only adds vibrant colors but also enhances the durability of the toy.

Elevate your fidgeting game with the luxurious feel of titanium, engaging textures, and captivating aesthetics – all in one exceptional fidget toy.

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