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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Slider Square

Slider Square

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Size: 37mm x 37mm x 10mm

Metal: Titanium 

Finish: Glass Blasted

Back: Structure (5 Circles )

The SQUARE SLIDER FIDGET  is a versatile and engaging stress-relief toy designed for customization. Featuring a compact, square shape, it offers a smooth sliding mechanism for endless tactile enjoyment. Each side of the square has slots for interchangeable buttons, allowing you to personalize the fidget with various textures, colors, and designs. Perfect for fidgeting at home, in the office, or on the go, this customizable fidget toy enhances focus, reduces stress, and provides a fun, interactive experience tailored to your preferences.


Slider is a new concept of a designer gadget: It is a fidget gadget made of titanium inspired by toggle-buttons.

All our SLIDERs are precisely cut by CNC machining from titanium - also their buttons are made using the same technology.

Products then go through glass blasting, the gadgets become smooth for a touch and resistant to scratches.

Each Triangular Titanium Slider contains: five magnets hand-craftedly glued into in its base and one magnet in the button that comes with it 
(you can also get additional buttons!) . 
Сentral part is covered with a special layer of plastic for improved sliding

SQUARE SLIDER also comes in different colors for you to choose!

We therefore introduce you to SLIDERs in three colors: - COBALT BLUE, STONE GREY, DEEP PURPLE.

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