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Kickup Titanium Fidget Toys

Clicker X4 Titanium Fidget

Clicker X4 Titanium Fidget

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Name: Titanium META CLICKER

Number of Buttons : 4 SMALL Buttons

Magnets: 16x N42 Neodymium Magnets (Installed)

Size: 25mm x 50mm

Weight: 45 grams

Metal: Titanium 

Finish: Glass Blasted

Back: Engraving (Ti)


Please note that the products come in one color and four buttons of the same color.

Ti META CLICKER - a magnetic CNC-machined anti-stress fidget toy to top up your collection with! 

This new magnetic clicker made of titanium, being very precisely and carefully cut to ensure product's high quality and a great look, is customisable which makes it a versatile fidget desk companion.

CNC machining titanium - or basically any metal - helps achieve precision and neat forms and angles.

Glass blasting further polishes the material - it becomes smooth and 'rounded' for a touch.

Each product is then being anodised in different colors.

Every base plate of Ti Meta Clicker also has an engraving marking the product's material, our designer solution to show our love for titanium gadgets.



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